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Guacimo, Costa Rica - Earth University

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                      *About Costa Rica*                                  





                                           ^Costa Rica national parks^







Guácimo is the capital of Limón Province .This town is on the east side of Costa Rice. It has a lot of fruit like, banana  and pineapple. The area is not visited by tourists a lot of times. You can tour the Eartyh campus and visit the different reserve areas where more than 350 bird species have been recorded including the great green macaw.  A popular tour here is the  Costa Flores , a huge tropical flower and palm farm. Its forty-eight acres include landscaped gardens and ponds. 



About Earth University:


 Earth University is located in the Caribbean region of Costa Rica. Universidad EARTH is a university located in Guácimo, Limón, Costa Rica. Specialises in Agriculture and the Environment. Approximately 400-500 students. It attracts a whole range of nationalities including American and British interns who often study at the university for a semester to a year. Students attend to learn about sustainable agriculture. Luis Alberto Monge, former president of Costa Rica, says founders envisioned EARTH as an institute where students and faculty would find ways to blend "the latest and best agricultural practices" with "environmentally stable development." EARTH anted to provide a new generation of visionary leaders for rural Latin America and the Carribean -- in Monge's words, "leaders for the future, to deal with the problems of hunger and poverty in the region."



Photo Gallery of Guacimo:



Map of Cantones of the Province Limón


Map of Costa Rica



Some facts...



Canton No. 6:  Guácimo



Capital:  Guácimo CityKm from Guácimo to San José:  152 km



Size:  576.48 km2



Habitants 1999:  27,000


Founded:  1971




The History...




he canton was inhabited by indigenous groups as well as the Spanish. Development came from the banana industry and the railraod between Siquirres and San José. 




General discription...


The area is drained by the rivers Reventazón-Parismina, Chirripó and Tortuguero. The principal form of employment is farming, especially in bananas, cacao, tubers and livestock.




Interesting sites...


There is great diversity of flora and fauna by the Cordillera Volcanica Central Forest Reserve.





About the climate in Costa Rica...




he canton is wet and with average temperatures of 24 to 25 Degrees Celcius. 









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