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General Information About Costa Ricans:


Bird Welcome Dancing

The population in Costa Rica is 4,195,914.  The languages spoken in Costa Rica are Spanish (official) and  English.

Ethnically, Costa Rica has one of the most homogeneous populations in all of Latin America. Ninety-seven percent is mestizo (of mixed blood, generally Spanish with Native American) or of direct European descent. Of the mestizos, the vast majority have a much higher percentage of European blood and thus are considerably fair skinned. The Ethnic Groups are Mestizo 94%, African origin 3%, Chinese 1%, Amerindian 1%, and other 1%.  The Annual Growth rate is 1.3%.  
Costa Rica has a high literacy rate of over 90%. Children must go to school. The people of Costa Rica believe in a peaceful way of life. They don't have a military. And they believe in environmental protection. Much of their land is protected. (25%)




Dancers Dancer
People in Costa Rica Like to dance. This girl is wearing a costume and dancing the day away !!

By the looks of the picture.. she seems like she is very good. She has dance partners with her, (as you see in the back) dancing the day away with her!

People in Costa Rica mostly listen to American and British rock and roll, pop, reggae, and reggaeton is popular with teens. Reggaeton is West-Indian music that came from Latin American people. People in Costa Rica like to dance.




Casado Dish Chorreada & Elote Churchill desert
Costa Rican breakfast with Gallo Pinto It is  pre-cooked rice and beans fried together with spices such as  cilantroonion and peppers.. A simple dish with chicken, rice, beans, salad, and picadillo.   Typical corn dish. This is a fried patty made of corn and topped with natilla (sour cream) and salt.  Churchill desert 


Ho lidays and Festivals Costa Rican People  Celebrate:

Festivals :


Independence Day

Feria del Agricultor
The independence of Costa Rica is celebrated every 15th of September.

La Feria del Agricultor is held in Escazu every Saturday morning.  It's a farmers' market where local farmers sell their produce. It has a fun festive atmosphere. These "Ferias" have become very popular all over Costa Rica and are held weekly on many other cities and towns.


  Abolition of the Armed Forces Day, December 1. Costa Rica's army was abolished in December 1948 after anti-Government forces took over following a dispute of the presidential election results. The picture above is of José Figueres Ferrer breaking a wall of theCuartel Bellavista symbolizing the abolition of the Military.


The Fiestas de Alajuelita is held  the week of January 15th. An ox-cart parade is run to honor the “Santo Cristo de Esquipulas”, a turno (food, arcade games and music) with a religious procession to the top of a mountain, where the big metallic Alajuelita cross shines above San Jose.


Arts and crafts 

People in Costa Rica like to make arts and crafts out of all sorts of things like  clay, paint, glass, wood , gold and silver.  

ceramic box

This is a ceramic box made from clay, people from Costa Rica made this.


This is a frog made of clay.

ceramic dish

Clay and ceramic artifacts done by Costa Rican Craftmen. 

Ceramic Dishes are very beautifully done in Costa Rica.



More then 90% of the population are Roman catholic, at least in name. 



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smacnicoll@... said

at 6:56 am on Mar 19, 2009

Hi Alexis, Kayla, and Yosaira - don't forget - info about religions. See link in my last comment. Thanks - you girls are collaborating online great!

smacnicoll@... said

at 5:57 am on Mar 17, 2009

Hi Alexis, Kayla and Yosaira. You're doing a super job with the People page. Keep up the good work. Please add some information about Costa Rica's religions because that's an important part of culture. Here's a website to look at to find info about religion: http://philip.greenspun.com/cr/moon/people

smacnicoll@... said

at 5:03 am on Mar 16, 2009

What is La Feria del Agricultor - you listed it as one of the festivals? What other traditional foods are served in Costa Rica? What does a Costa Rican generally have at meals?

smacnicoll@... said

at 9:28 am on Mar 12, 2009

What is that dancing called, Kayla? What other things do they like to do?? What kind of food is typical in Costa Rica. I'm going to want to know what I'll be eating when I go!

smacnicoll@... said

at 5:32 am on Mar 12, 2009

Good job giving the official language and other facts. Maybe you can find some information about what festivals and holidays the people of Costa Rica celebrate. What are some foods that they traditionally eat?

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