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San Jose, Costa Rica

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Facts About San Jose:

  • San Jose is the largest city and Capital of Costa Rica. This is a map of Costa Rica and you can see where San Jose is!

  • The population of Costa Rica is 4,195,914(July 2008 est.).The language that they speak in Costa Rica is Spanish (official) and English!

  • The population of San Jose is currently 346,799

  • With the Juan Santamaría International Airport just 20 minutes from downtown San Jose, there are plenty of tour bus companies based here, that run buses throughout Costa Rica.





Tapanti National Park National Museum Repertory Theater Performers
Twenty-five miles south of San Jose is Tapanti National Park Mountain forests, rivers, waterfalls, and wildlife is what this offers.

National Museum

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica.

San Jose has many wonderful museums.

Nightlife/ Performing Arts Resources

American Musical Theatre of San Jose

Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley

Center for the Performing Arts

Children's Musical Theater San Jose

Opera San Jose

San Jose Jazz Festival

San Jose Repertory Theatre

San Jose Stage Company

Photo-Downtown San José as viewed from 14 storiesSan José at a Glance
Avenida Central 
People walking in Avenida Central.


The Spirogyra Jardin de Mariposa is a small butterfly garden with over30 species of butterflies.





















Comments (3)

smacnicoll@... said

at 5:15 am on Mar 16, 2009

What's the population of San Jose? Do they have airports or other hubs of transportation there?

smacnicoll@... said

at 12:35 pm on Mar 12, 2009

I found a good website about San Jose - it's their official site. I put a link to it on the Front Page. Add some information from the "General Information" section and the Attractions and Activities section should have some information on things to see in Costa Rica such as parks and museums.

smacnicoll@... said

at 5:19 am on Mar 12, 2009

The Monteverde rainforest is another topic on our wiki. This section should be about San Jose. How many people live there? Is there public transportation? What sites can you see if you visit there?

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