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Volcanoes in Costa Rica

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General Information About Volcanos in Costa Rica:

A good reason to visit Costa Rica's Volcanos other than their beauty is they are a wonderful place for white water rafting, sport fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and camping. Volcanic  Costa Rica is part of the pacific ring of fire, there are over 200 volcanos in Costa Rica and only 100 are active.

Specific Volcanos: 

  • Irazu Volcano last erupted when the U.S. President John F Kennedy Visited Costa Rica. 
  • The Arenal volcano, in Costa Rica, has been active since 1968. Tiny rumblings,followed by streams of lava shoot up into the sky every 5 to 200 minutes! At night the orange-red lava looks like "fireworks dancing in the night sky"    

Here is a list of some volcanos in Costa Rica

Arenal: active since 1968 5,436 ft. high

Barva: Last eruption 6050 AD, complex volcano

Cerro Tilaran: Shield Volcano  - A shield volcano is a large volcano with shallow sloping sides. They are formed by lava that flows easily. Elevation: 634 meters / 2080.03 feet

Irazu Las teruption: 1963. Rises 11,260 ft.

Languna Poco Sol: Scientists aren't sure if it's really a volcano or just the product of a landslide. It's in  San Carlos about an hour west of San Jose. Laguna Poco Sol Volcano is a 656 ft wide depression that is filled with a lake.

Miravalles: Last eruption 1946. Rises 6,654 ft.

Orosi: Last eruption 3,500 years ago It rises 5,443 ft.

Platanar: It is in known in the region as volcán Congo and is part of  Juan Castro Blanco National Park. 

Poas: last major eruption 1910 (most active volcano in Costa Rica) 8,885 ft (2,708 m)    It's last eruption was in 2008. Rises 8,884 ft. Easiest way to get there is hiking.

Rincon de la vieja: (6217 ft, 1895 m)

All of the volcanos just listed are a range of 1500 FT to 11,000 FT

As listed at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_volcanoes_in_Costa_Rica


Fun Activities to do in an Arenal Tour:


Hiking Trails

Horse Back Riding

Mountain Biking

Waterfall Rappelling

Hot springs

Hanging Bridges

Canopy Tours

Zip lines

Wildlife Viewing

Cave Tours

Photo Gallery of Volcanoes in Costa Rica:


Irazu Volcano Irazu Volcano Arenal at night
 Irazu Volcano  

 Poas volcano                from the air

Arenal volcano  The red orange lava looks like  
Poas Volcano from the air    
Poas Crater     






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Cohen, Sanela, Alex, and Henry - You have made a great start here. It would be great if you would tell a little about each volcano. Are they active? Can you visit them all? How do Costa Ricans know if they are safe to visit?

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